Sabastiana Browning

NASM and TRX Certified personal trainer


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No joining or consultation fees, $50 per session
session length 45-60 minutes
online coaching and programing available
My Name is Sebastiana Browning, but everyone calls me Savvy.
I’m a Nasm certified trainer with specializations in balance and mental toughness. I’m also TRX certified!

I personally believe the personal training is intertwined deeply with mental well being and strengthening. My view on my job as a trainer is to equip you on how to PROPERLY use the tools you have at your disposal. Everyone’s tools are different. I, as your trainer, will get you a box to start filling with more tools to expand upon. This is so that you can grow in your knowledge and proper application of exercise movements. As your trainer I want to help you become MORE independent and less reliant on me. Once you’ve learned how to do a movement or exercise well on your own, we’ll add a more challenging aspect to that exercise. This is so that you can progress and we can keep challenging you to reach higher goals, and add dimension to simple movements.

Let’s enter 2021 with a bang and let me help you achieve some goals!!



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