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Madelyn Hallowell

ISSA Certified personal trainer, Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Coach through ISSA


-Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, -Strength & Conditioning Coach through ISSA
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Hey! My name is Madelyn Hallowell and I look forward to training with you! I’m passionate about helping you reach your goals and ignite that fire within you to become a better version of yourself. My goal is to help YOU reach your goals and assist you with any information or support you may need on your journey.


Just before I entered my freshman year of Highschool I went through an eating disorder called Anorexia - it wasn’t good at all. The long and short of that period of my life is that it ignited MY passion for Fitness & Nutrition and learning to live an active lifestyle in a healthy way, a lifestyle that I could maintain and stay consistent with. Now I want to pass this on to others to not only help them understand and gain knowledge in the fitness realm, but also to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle they can maintain and to be more confident in themselves.


I have several years of weight training experience as well as multiple years in sports which have all led to my passion for fitness and also preventing and recovering from injuries that can occur in both instances. So whether you deal with a physical limitation, and injury, play sports, or just want to improve on overall strength and endurance I am so excited to help you!


Let’s get started!

No joining or consultation fees, $40 per session
session length 30-60 minutes
Online coaching and programming available
Nutrition Coaching available (talk to me to discuss pricing)
Packaging discounts offered


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