workout 6: lower body

Todays Reps: 6

Rest between sets: 0-20 seconds

Rounds per cycle: 4

Complete 4 rounds of each cycle with minimal rest in between each set of the cycle. Take a 1 minute rest between each cycle. After you have finished all three cycles your workout is complete.

= Static Contraction

Equipment Needed:





Dumbbells (10-25 lbs)




leg press

leg curl

seated calf


Hip Thrust

Target: Glutes

Execution: lie across bench with feet planted flat on floor and barbell set securely across hips. Dig shoulder blades into bench pad, drop hips as deep as possible without but touching ground, keep tension on glutes and hamstrings throughout movement.


Target: Glutes, QUADRICEPS, abdominals

Execution: hold dumbbell in palms and out in front of body to stress core and stabilizers, plant feet slightly wider than shoulder width with toes slightly pointed out. begin descent by keeping weight back on heels with toes gripping ground, let knees track out and keep thoracic extension. stop when butt is parallel to the floor execute rep by returning top starting position while maintaining the form as the negative.

db lunge

Target: quads, glutes, calf

Execution: lunge forward with bells at each side. retain balance and keep upper body upright.


sled push

Target: full body

Execution:get low, and push sled from no higher than mid bar. drive from legs, keep arms extended.

Bulgarian split squat

Target: quads, back

Execution:start with dumbbell in each hand, place one leg behind body with foot propped on bench. drive through heel, extend leg, and keep upper body stable. complete full reps on one, change legs when you arrive at exercise again.

box jump

Target: low body power

Execution:Bring hands back to ears, your hands should lead your elbows. squeeze shoulder blades together. cable should stay in line with your nose.


leg Press

Target: low body power

Execution: adjust seat so legs can dip below parallel without hitting upper body,sit with back all the way up against seat. place your feet on the plate with your normal sqaut spacing. (remember the 80/20 rule) drive from heel, do not completely lock out the knee, but come as close as possible. keep the reps low and intensity high!

leg curl

Target: Glutes, hamstrings

Execution: lay face down on machine bench, reach forward and grip handles. without flexing the foot, bring heels to butt, hold for a 1 sec pause, then slowly return to extended position.

seated calf raise

Target: soleus and gastroc galf muscles

Execution: sit on seat, adjust pads to be placed right over quadraceps. slowly lower heel, then push up onto toes (as high as possible!). do not use hands to assist

complete 3 rounds of a core circuit:

A core circut consists of 4 ab exercises, executed for one minute on each exercise; for a total of 4 exercises, with no rest in between each exercise. you may rest for 30 seconds in between each round.

core is the centerpiece of skater strength so don't skimp!

(Tip: start with a lower ab exercise, then choose a mid ab exercise, then move to obliques.)



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