workout 8: chest + Triceps

Todays Reps: 6

Rest between sets: 0-20 seconds

Rounds per cycle: 4

Complete 4 rounds of each cycle with minimal rest in between each set of the cycle. Take a 1 minute rest between each cycle. After you have finished all three cycles your workout is complete.

= Static Contraction

Equipment Needed:







cable Pushdown


incline press


slam ball


floor fly

Target: pecs

Execution: the purpose of this exercise is to perform horizontal adduction of the chest, not to press dumbbells as if bench pressing. with dumbbells in hands lie on floor with knees bent and feet flat on floor. bring dumbbells over chest area with palms facing each other. slowly let the dumbbells flare out to the side until you feel your elbows touching the floor. return to starting position. the dumbbells should travel in an arc. imagine you are hugging a tree, or giving a great big bear hug to someone.

dumbbell incline press

Target: chest, shoulders

Execution: set up an adjustable bench at a slight incline. starting with the dumbbells in eyeline, slowly lower them down at each side bringing them down just to just above chest level. keep elbows slightly tucked in order to keep scapula engaged. return to starting position by driving dumbbells back overhead.

skull crusher

Target: triceps

Execution: while laying on flat bench bring barbell overhead but keep arms at angle. (this is what keeps tension in the triceps) slowly bring barbell to down around top of cranial are, return to top by extending at the elbow. do not move at the shoulder joint! keep elbows tucked inward. be sure to have a spotter for this exercise.


sled push

Target: full body

Execution:get low, and push sled from no higher than mid bar. drive from legs.

(To better simulate derby bouts you may choose to keep arms back and drive from the shoulder rather than keeping arms extended.)

triceps pushdown


Execution: grasp a triangle or straight pushdown bar. keep elbows tucked into body, and once in position push the cable down and toward your body by moving only at the elbow joint. (if you find you are extending at the shoulder as well, you are doing this wrong!) slowly return to starting position.

dumbbell pullover

Target: chest, serratus, lats

Execution: lay across flat bench while grasping end of dumbbell in palms. while moving at shoulder only, stretch back behind the head and then return to starting position by bringing over the chest. do not move at the elbow or this will become a triceps exercise.


incline press

Target: upper pecs, triceps, deltoids

Execution: while using the same protocol for setup on the bench: this time allow the bar to travel down to the collar bone area. also allow elbows to flare out to sides, which will cause more tension to be place on the chest.

slam ball

Target: upper body power

Execution: bring the slam ball overhead, drive the ball down to the floor by breaking at the hips. try to break the slam ball. make sure that side marked "this side down", is facing down.

dbell overhead press

Target: shoulders and triceps

Execution: grasp dumbbells overhand and right below chin level, press dumbbells overhead and bring together but without touching completely. flex and squeeze at top. slowly return to starting position.

complete 3 rounds of a core circuit:

A core circut consists of 4 ab exercises, executed for one minute on each exercise; for a total of 4 exercises, with no rest in between each exercise. you may rest for 30 seconds in between each round.

core is the centerpiece of skater strength so don't skimp!

(Tip: start with a lower ab exercise, then choose a mid ab exercise, then move to obliques.)



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