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Micah Alaniz 

NASM Fitness and nutrition specialist, CPT, WWCC Certified Chef


-NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, CPT
-Certified Chef, WWCC
- 5+ years Personal Trainer Experience 
- 3+ years Nutrition Coaching Experience 
No joining or consultation fees, $50-$30 per session
session length 45-60 minutes
online coaching and programing available
Hey, my name is Micah, I'm a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, who specializes in weight loss, building muscle and nutritional food prep.

15 years ago I was overweight, lethargic, depressed and had very low self-esteem. I utilized a scientific approach to make a change that enhanced all aspects of my life. In doing so, I pack on dense muscle lost 80LBS and turn my around life by 180 degrees. Now, I find extreme joy in using my own experience and qualifications to help people just like you achieve life changing goals. I’m very passionate about helping others find happiness in life and feel good about themselves.

I believe that when you FEEL GOOD, you excel in life!

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